"It has been a pleasure to work with Omni Financial.  Their professionalism and their never give up attitude has proven to me that their determination in undeniable. There are notenough words to express my gratitude."
Providing Tax Debt Relief For Over 25 Years

OMNI Financial is the leader in IRS and state back tax help services. Our tax attorneys are dedicated to finding permanent relief to your back tax burden.

OMNI pioneered the tax resolution industry so we are not learning on the job like so many others. When dealing with the largest government collection agency in the world, you'd want the tax relief company with not only the most experience, but the most success as well.
"We recieved many phone calls from tax relief firms and didn't know who to trust. We made the right decision to choose Omni.  They have given us a sense of relief, alleviated our fears, and restored our
"Over many years, I have worked with several top business and entertainment law firms in New York and
Los Angeles.  Without
question, Omni has provided the most exceptional service
I have everexperienced."
About Omni Financial

OMNI Financial is dedicated to finding a permanent solution to your back tax burden. For over 25 years, OMNI has strived to achieve the best possible results for our clients over a wide range of back tax relief issues. Whether it is arranging a manageable long-term payment plan, reducing or eliminating penalties, finding financing, or even assisting you in a fresh business start – our tax attorneys can help you settle your tax debt!

We firmly believe that the most effective and efficient way to deal with back taxes is to do so in an informed, proactive and professional manner. Our staff of tax attorneys have over 275 years of combined experience doing just that. We have created strategies for thousands of businesses and individuals, offering the most practical and cost-effective paths to recovery.

OMNI Financial provides ethical and, when necessary, aggressive tax help remedies to all of your tax and creditor issues.  Things can get better - OMNI has proven that thousands of times to thousands of clients. We look forward to being of service to you.

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